A Lad Insane!

DSCF4832Jonas, going around the bend and still looking good.

DSCF4829Another funky piece from Alas

DSCF4819Love the colours in this stunner from Mila K.

DSCF4797So, this is the Bowie tribute that went viral for all the wrong reasons, and was seriously unfair in my opinion. Trik9 was well out of his comfort zone doing this and yet he did a great job I think it’s amazing, anyone can take a bad photo or deliberately distort an image, never saw that persons name all over the place though.

DSCF4788Another Bowie tribute, sweet and totally not controversial, unless someone’s taken exception to it of course.

DSCF4780More x Dose, first paint after Christmas I think.

DSCF4774Xhastexo, living it up.

DSCF4763Dealt, is he local or a visitor, I really don’t know, great stuff though.

DSCF4750Rateone, love this!

DSCF4713Busy man that Deap, gets about a bit too.

DSCF4396Toplad, nuff said.

DSCF4350Clever Trevor

DSCF4337 Stitcha (10000x1363)Mats x Bern x Kode, first grand collab of the new year, first of many I hope.

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  1. / ReplyResa
    Howdy! The new site looks great! All pics not coming through, only 2 shots & links. Tried clicking a link, but it was dead.
  2. / ReplyResa
    Hmm, after I posted my message, a few more came through. 4 were only links. I did try refreshing a few times before I commented, but still only 2 came through. It was not until I actually posted my comment that more came through.
    • / Replyfionamilne64
      I can't understand why it's doing it, so annoying!
    • / Replyfionamilne64
      I can't understand why it's doing it, so annoying! It takes a day or so to load when I first put a post up, but the after that it looks okay to me, why you can't see it (and other people) I just don't know. Thank you for letting me know.

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