A Window Closes, A Door Opens…


The awkward moment when you enter a buiding, adrenalin pumping and think you’ve arrived at a murder scene and the killer’s still there!


Lord Bunn before becoming a master calligrapher, used to do faces of dodgy looking men.


When partaking in urban exploration one should be aware of hazards such as this hole in the floor, through which can be seen a piece by Boms.


I make no apologies for posting this image again, as I said, it took me a year to find a way that I could get in this place. And I could still look at this all day long every day.


This collaboration with Boms Black and Meth is painted over a Phlegm piece that the artist wasn’t happy with, wish I’d got a picture of it first or at least got to see it.


This Phlegm and Rocket collaboration has to be one of the most famous pieces of graffiti in Sheffield and one of my (many) personal favourites.


I have no proof but firmly believe that this is where Phlegms cat/manatee was born.

This building, long since stripped of most of the signs of its industrial heritage is a huge and fascinating  explore none the less, and over time it’s walls start to tell an entirely different story.

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