April Splashes!

DSCF9026Mila K, seems to be keeping busy this year, long may it continue.DSCF9019D7606, Hangin’ on the Telephone with Debbie Harry.DSCF9015Face The Strange x Pop Art Is Dead collaboration,funky.DSCF9007 StitchOgosh x Alas, loving these guys work at the moment.DSCF0021Jahoer, not a name I’m familiar with, like the style though.DSCF0099Phlegm, the arty shot. 😉DSCF0105Rate x Monkey See, nice combination of styles.DSCF0128Mars, going large, for a change 😉DSCF0153Corpse doodlings on the back of one of his pasteups that was starting to remove itself from the wall. DSCF0156Bob, I do like Bob.DSCF0164Pawski, fantastic as always but this one is something really special.DSCF0215Dala, pretty flowers, patterns and decorated ladies are starting to appear quite regularly around the city.DSCF0218Zone,really happy to see this master back on it. DSCF0223 StitchXhastexo x Bine, has been altered since this photo was taken, due to some childish shenanigans, but this is the original in in all its glory.DSCF0234Alex Ekins, peddler Raven, sleeping on the job. DSCF0241 StitchaRackone x Kode’ banging wall, took me ages to get a decent shot because of cars parked in front of it!DSCF0282 StitchEarth x ?, popping up more regularly these days, which can only be a good thing. DSCF0321Dems x Osim(?), spongey floors are not a favourite of mine, but worth the trauma for this..DSCF0352 Stitch (15000x2795)Alan x Teml x Dyson x ? x Riseone x ?, great wall, 6 artists, I bet it was quite a party. DSCF0367Cheeky pair in a nice little spot!          DSCF0369Sheep, having a spliff… DSCF0814It’s been two years since we lost Clem Alice and the pain is still very raw for his friends and family, tributes have appeared marking the anniversary of his death, although the artists that were closest to him, commemorate him on every piece they do.DSCF3634This Clem Alice piece is, I think, where ‘Long Live The Explorer’ first appeared. Sleep well George. x

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  1. / Replybecki
    Hey, my boyfriend is looking for somewhere to shoot pics of his car for a show, he was wondering where some of these peices were placed, I espeshally like the one with the black and white girl could u help us out?? Thanks
    • / Replyfionaferret64 aka SRDH,-1.47234&ie=UTF8&msa=0&spn=0.047617,0.154495&z=13&hl=en&mid=zEgTfzGbIFIM.kyY42-8f-EEI This is a map made by another photographer of graffiti which is easily accessible. I think the piece you are looking for is on Trafalgar Street.
  2. / ReplyO.
    I like the Bode characters. proper 70s school of graff. Cheech Wizard... those who don't know, google!
  3. / ReplyFiona’s Faces | Graffiti Lux and Murals
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