Can You Dig It! Caaan you dig it? Caaan yoouuuuu diiiigg ittt?

DSCF9996The Warriors is one of my all time favourite films, I remember going to see it at the Cineplex or Cinecentre, whatever it was called, with the Kiveton Massive back in the day. This production primarily by Gzos with assistance from Jaer, is a real homage to the film, so many details, it’s fantastic!

DSCF9658Bine and Xhastexo with their first, I think, collaboration, hopefully more to come.

DSCF9689Skint keeping on it, still planning a wall tribute to Clem Alice, in the meantime he has produced a zine tribute with all proceeds going to charity, if you can please buy one

DSCF9677I’m guessing this is by someone called Krutz, nice little elephants bum!

DSCF9882BB has bone some glorious work in the Vault, devilish difficult to photograph though, need to go back and have another go.

DSCF9960Cantastic Art is starting to do more character pieces, love this take on Ronny McD.

DSCF9642CoLor Art and Sour did this cheeky collab on the other side of a board that had a Phlegm piece on it, which has since been cut out and taken away, beggars belief!

DSCF0007Wildstyle Kings, Pawski and Mace, turned out this jawdropping piece based on the Matrix which has to be seen to be believed, brilliant.

DSCF9984New arrival Coloquix(?) has gone rapidly from wheatpastes to painting these curious characters, like these a lot.

Still busy times in the city,I’m lovin’ it!


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  1. / Replykyberhai
    Not watched The Warriors in years! Defintely due for a revisit :> Bit narked there's roadworks in front of the piece now :/ Weirdly, I was just thinking last night how I'd love to see "Matrix Code" graffitied somewhere o_O Glad you at least managed to show us that coLor piece, even if we'll never see it in person now. Thanks :>

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