Catching up

DSCF6772Some of the pieces shown have already disappeared under the Halloween walls, but they’re very worthy of a viewing here. I don’t know this Gusk, a visitor I think, but I like it.DSCF6779Gzos, holy cow!DSCF6780 StitchMTH had paid a visit, not sure of the individual names, but it’s Boaster on the right. And Dilk on the left.DSCF6780Don’t know who but it’s fresh. It’s by Tals, a lovely lady writer, thanks for the info.DSCF6781Don’t know this one either, but I’m guessing part of MTHDSCF6784 I can read this (!) , but I read it wrong and it’s Irek.DSCF6790CoLor Art and Eug, love the colours in this.DSCF6837Eug busy as always,Teas, a welcome but less frequent visitor, he should get out more.DSCF6885KRS One by Mars,H2i, awesome!DSCF6770D7606s post box featuring Marilyn Monroe, love it.DSCF6829One of Coloquix’ luscious ladies.DSCF6889Nice to see Prone back on it after his extended tour of America with this colourful collab with Lone.DSCF7131 StitchKisk, Risk, Trik9 and Such, with an absolute stunner.DSCF7175Sadhu by Alex Ekins, and me, contemplating the universe, as you do.

I’m almost up to date since my holiday, apart from all the ones I haven’t got to yet!

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  1. / Replykyberhai
    That's Dilk on the board with Boaster. Another big Notts name ;>
    • / Replyfionaferret64
      Thanks for that, I've met him as well!
      • / ReplySarah Yates
        TALS is a lass from the notts region, i imagine she will have come through with her fella he paints too, painted with her at a jam a few years back shes lovely and talented
        • / Replyfionaferret64
          I know the lady you mean, didn't know what she wrote though thanks :)
  2. / ReplyIreminisce
    Now. That IREK piece gave me quite a start. I was walking by and saw it and was transported 21 years back in time to Sherwood. That tag was rife. I also believe he was behind other Old Notts tags so ledge is the word. Good on you for documenting all this F. x
  3. / Replydanieloszwa
    That gusk kid aint a visitor he lives in sheffield. nice blog btw :)
  4. / Replywhoever
    that mobb deep lyric on the gusk piece made me smile. heard that song so many times n never thought that it inadvertently names 2 sheffield regions...

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