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Madchester and Wellington Mill

A couple of days before I went on holiday last September, I popped over to Manchester for Wellington House Jam, had a stroll through the Northern Quarter on the way there.

Monsteryandme, I do love these.

Adorable Dmstff!

Beautiful birds by Mateus Bailon.


A taste of the macabre from Foundry

Something fishy? DOC

Mila K, hangin’ on the telephone..

Colourful quirkiness from Doodles’n’Drips.

Cute and cuddly Nick Hamilton.

Pawski photographing a Pawski!

Gorgeousness from Tankpetrol

Jay Sharples, lovely to see him doing characters again.

Minto, stunner in progress.

Nomad Clan, busy busy girls with busy busy bees.

Not sure who the artist is, but a quality piece of work.

Seca One, just about the best Joker I’ve ever seen 😀

Pichiavo, finally got it without cars in front!

Coloquix as seen on Channel 4s ‘No Offence’.

 Bram,Jupiter Fab and Nathan Aiyna Sassen

Of course there is more, there is always more, a great day out, a wonderful place, Manchester 🙂

P.S. Due to various issues, camera related, laptop related, I’m now about 9 months behind with my blog, almost historical! 😀


Seeing Double

As it stands I’m now about 5-6months behind with my blog posts, but you know what, it’s actually quite liberating. I’m beyond racing to catch up, instead I get a little rush of nostalgia as I get to look back. If anyone’s still reading, you might enjoy it too…

dscf2294_28613023330_o-1280x960Lovely use of colour by Ase.

dscf2303_28897756725_o-1280x960Work in progress, don’t know who by, I suspect it was gone over before it was finished, a shame because it was looking amazing.

dscf2419_28549903070_o-960x1280Jim McElvaney….

dscf2421_28216639604_o-936x1280…and Jim McElvaney, simple yet stunning.

dscf2426_28216626354_o-1280x960Huge Peeping Cat, almost lion sized,well not quite, but big, for a cat.

dscf2452_28729133422_o-1280x960Beautiful Coloquix telling a story that shouldn’t be true, but sadly it is.


dscf2476_28729088342_o-1280x943…and Brayk…suspect he’s a bit of a boobman  😉  but I do like them, the pieces that is…

dscf2503_28724595500_o-960x1280EMAs  stunning contribution to the Herd of Sheffield.

dscf2513_29010798725_o-1280x1055Loving this by Riseone.

dscf2517-stitch_28934583341_o-1280x337? x Deap x Isk?

dscf2524_28393666693_o-960x1280The long awaited glorious return of Angryface to the city and boy did he stamp his mark! Everywhere!

dscf2526_28393660963_o-1280x960Big and bold Nems.

dscf2543_28977664316_o-960x1280Another lovely Coloquix, hidden in a beautiful little place.

dscf2652_28997367956_o-1280x960Only lasted 2 or 3 days this, no idea who it was by, but it was a nice surprise to find one morning on my way to work.

It’s Been a While…

DSCF5634 (1024x720)









Haven’t posted for a while, what with problems with swapping my site hosting and several weeks of ill health, I haven’t really been feeling it. But feeling a bit brighter now and got a lot of catching up to do, so here goes…

STOG finally got  this eye popping piece finished, worth the wait 🙂

DSCF5707 (768x1024)Like this , can’t remember the artist. Thank you KH, it’s a Sad Cig by Lenny Massive.

DSCF5721 (1024x762)Super scary Spider by Ambigram Art. DSCF5728 (755x1024)Lovely little lady by C3. DSCF5748 (1024x754)Sheffield’s had a visitor, Frankie Strand, she left a few of these slapped around the place.

DSCF5753 (767x1024)Trilobite fossil by Nurse Agnes, so appeals to my inner geek this.DSCF5765 (1024x715)Starting young, Streetart Sam, follow him on Instagram @streetartsam

DSCF5772 (743x1024)Lurking Robot by Jask.DSCF5779 Stitch (1024x569)Mila K awesomeness, nearly hidden by greenery now.DSCF5786 (1024x741)Sour, sweet as a nut!

DSCF5797 (690x1024)One of Pawkis’ ladies, horrified that this place is not open, as indeed am I. DSCF5809 (1024x750)On the anniversary of sweet Ruby, too precious for this world, a lovely tribute by Coloquix.

The Hills Have Eyes And Derelict Buildings Too!










There’s always someone looking at you, particularly if Pawski’s around!

DSCF5182Cracker from Shoe

DSCF5179Dyson, getting out and about.DSCF5117Syke  DSCF5087Booms

DSCF5076Tekonta Secta feeling a bit blue.

DSCF50744eyes DSCF5072Denta                  DSCF5069Earth x Star DSCF5055Izal DSCF5042Mila K x Deap ‘Witness the Downloading Pt2’DSCF5035Stunning Handz by Rocket01 DSCF4995Skint, still winning prizes for painting in the most awkward to photograph places 😉

DSCF5061 StitchByne x Jelus

DSCF4972Nurse Agnes, a new name to me, loving this style though.                     DSCF4956Brayk, I do like a nice skull.                         DSCF4951Coloquix luscious lady inspired by Gustav Klimt, whose lavish, sexual paintings came to symbolize the art nouveau style of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. I knew that…. no I didn’t…never heard of the chap!

DSCF4920Foundry, man’s got paint on the brain 🙂 DSCF4916Monstery and Me, rather fond of these toothy little paste ups.DSCF4887David Bowie tribute by Bubba 2000

Muddling Through…

Apologies for the huge gap between posts but following an horrendous Christmas and New Year that I wouldn’t wish on anybody, We had to say goodbye to a very lovely person, my Mother-in-Law. She faced her mortality with the words “We’ll muddle through it”. We did, and we still are and we probably will be for some time to come.

Once again my love for graff has helped me through a very dark time, don’t know what I’d have done without it..DSCF4336Managed a couple of trips out, nice to see that Kaze had been out too.                                                                                                                          DSCF4324 Tekonta Secta, feeling a bit festive perhaps.     DSCF4319Finally got to go and see this mysterious lady with her ghostly friend, that Coloquix fellow definitely has a taste for the macabre…            DSCF4297A well old Brisk x Narke piece that I only just spotted.   DSCF4295First wonderful piece by Surge for a while…..always knew he’d be back…..!!…..

DSCF4290Mase rockin’ some awesome letters.                                                                                                        DSCF4286Don’t know who, but I like it.         DSCF4280Deap, christening new boards in town.             DSCF4259Koejack, love this, great colour combos.             DSCF4252Riseone on point as always                   DSCF4250The lovely Mr Kisk and Ryak, who was long overdue a paint!                                                                                                                  DSCF4247Cracker from Rackone TCM              DSCF4243Byne TRC, going large.                                       DSCF4240Sneaky little STOG                                     DSCF4210Defx?               DSCF4200Sexy Mars and Gzos, Dyson, Eug, Xhastexo and Homes… and a cheeky Link up top.                                                                      DSCF4195Rateone, taking bombing to a whole new level.              DSCF4179Not graff I know, but it did make me chuckle.                DSCF4150Dents x Dyson, FMB the deadly type.             DSCF4142Marcus Method, just ace.               DSCF4131Tofu to the right, Krak on the left.

I’ve got loads of photos still to sort and lots of sites to catch up on, roll on lighter evenings!

Nearly Got It Now

DSCF3829Still having a few glitches with my new setup, getting there, slowly. Just about cleared my backlog too…. Liking the look of this interesting little project going on at The Art House, brightening some of the derelict buildings nearby.

DSCF3814 StitchRiseone x Jonas

DSCF4106Coloquix got a girl in a sticky situation!

DSCF3262Not much left of this Phlegm piece now…

DSCF3264The Bears have gone wild!

DSCF3267Vanity Pig by Brayk, only just found this

DSCF3854Byne x Jelus, claiming another new spot.

DSCF3272Manchester artist Tets paid us a visit.

DSCF3269Any suggestions? Thank you to one who knows, it’s something completely different from Desmond and ABC.

DSCF3894Jim McElvaney, not seen one of his paste ups before, nice little surprise to find it.

DSCF3909 StitchGzos recently organised for a group of renowned artists, not from Sheffield, to come and paint in town, the results are great, I hope they do it more often…. I’m sure Smoke would appreciate the repeat business too…





DSCF4122In other news Rocket01 had an exhibition that was amazing and was very well received. I got a book and I love it 🙂

DSCF4127In other, other news there are dragons on the loose in Sheffield. I currently own 2, get following this page and you could be a dragon owner too.

And finally I’m going to this on Saturday are you?


So, I’ve been away for a while if anyone noticed, I’ve moved my blog to another host and haven’t got a clue what I’m doing, I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.

DSCF3485 I had a few days off work and decided to visit a few spots I hadn’t been to for a while. Looks like I wasn’t the only one. Freos, a visitor to Sheffield had been here too.

DSCF3475Love this piece by Sleep, another visitor I assume…

DSCF3474 ….as is Bulking I’m guessing. DSCF3457Dmak x Denta  DSCF3451 DSCF3430Dala, getting into flower arranging. DSCF3420BobDSCF3356 StitchOgosh x Alas, Halloween Special.

DSCF3336 Prolific is an understatement, this tag is everywhere, like it though.

DSCF3288Siko, Nosferatu, at Abbeydale Picture House.DSCF3183 StitchBern x Kode getting Tiki with it!

DSCF2753Marcus Method x STOG. DSCF2693Cheeky Eug  🙂DSCF2661 DSCF2651Witchy Coloquix DSCF2649Mila K x Osim x Deap, love the colours, shame about the breeze blocks.

DSCF2182Henry…. I bet he’s popular with the ladies.DSCF2140 StitchColor, still trippin’.DSCF2133Kisk – You know I know where you live at Boy!!

DSCF2130Cres, touching the rainbow.

DSCF2114Pfog, one of the most random pieces I’ve seen, definitely different.


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