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Madchester and Wellington Mill

A couple of days before I went on holiday last September, I popped over to Manchester for Wellington House Jam, had a stroll through the Northern Quarter on the way there.

Monsteryandme, I do love these.

Adorable Dmstff!

Beautiful birds by Mateus Bailon.


A taste of the macabre from Foundry

Something fishy? DOC

Mila K, hangin’ on the telephone..

Colourful quirkiness from Doodles’n’Drips.

Cute and cuddly Nick Hamilton.

Pawski photographing a Pawski!

Gorgeousness from Tankpetrol

Jay Sharples, lovely to see him doing characters again.

Minto, stunner in progress.

Nomad Clan, busy busy girls with busy busy bees.

Not sure who the artist is, but a quality piece of work.

Seca One, just about the best Joker I’ve ever seen 😀

Pichiavo, finally got it without cars in front!

Coloquix as seen on Channel 4s ‘No Offence’.

 Bram,Jupiter Fab and Nathan Aiyna Sassen

Of course there is more, there is always more, a great day out, a wonderful place, Manchester 🙂

P.S. Due to various issues, camera related, laptop related, I’m now about 9 months behind with my blog, almost historical! 😀


Smashproof at Onboard

dscf1457-1280x960Aroe, Jaer and Alert, just a little bit awesome, or maybe a lot!

dscf1468-stitch-1280x596Banger from Eugene Booms.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0407.Such x Deap x Mila K and the guy in the corner whose name I can’t remember

dscf1475-1280x1015A beauty from Mila K.

dscf3084-1280x1081Glorious colour combo from Deap.

dscf1482-1280x1026Mc Nige, superstar, was in charge of child management, his methods were unusual, but seemed to work 😀

dscf1476-1280x1124Nope still can’t remember his name, love the piece though.

dscf3077-stitch-1280x459Trik9 pulled off an absolute masterpiece.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0415.I didn’t get to this event till late on in the day, after work, but the sun was still blazing and there was a really good atmosphere. Trik9 was just coming round after fainting from the heat, too much dancing, I was informed…. And yet Mila K hadn’t managed to catch a single ray, perhaps there’s a bit more to this Horror Kult than I realised… 😉

Kisk has put together a great event, again, looking forward to the next one!


Some Time Ago In Sheffield

DSCF8822 (1280x955)Haste with one of his critters.

DSCF8752 (1280x847)One of them there International Outlaws, Captain Caveman.

DSCF8738 (1280x869)Meth x Mila K, loving this and only found it by chance.

DSCF8357 (1280x925)Bob 😀

DSCF8351 (1280x898)Deap and deadly.

DSCF8324 (914x1280)Who doesn’t like daleks?

DSCF8328 (1149x1280)My current favourite sticker montage.

DSCF8344 (1280x933)Lost

DSCF8292 (1280x998)I didn’t know who, it’s definitely different, but in a good way.

DSCF8284 Stitch (1280x411)Alas (?) x Syke x Nobed

DSCF0239 (1280x1242)Cool piece by STOG,

DSCF0238 (1280x1094)Classic Kisk, it’s a shame that this and the piece above have since been gone over but nothing lasts forever and it was Smashproof!


DSCF0195 (1280x1032)Inka, definitely getting more stylish, good one this in my opinion 🙂

DSCF0205 (1280x960)Really like these pretty flamingos.

DSCF0226 (1280x939)Hims? I’m not sure, like it though.

As you may have noticed, these are a bit few and far between at the moment, I’ve been very busy with another project that will come to fruition in a couple of weeks. In the meantime I’ve got a serious backlog of photos to go through…


DSCF7309 (1280x954)Apy (?) Looks a happy piece whoever it’s by.

DSCF7317 (1280x894)Rast paid us a visit.

DSCF7320 (1280x960)Palais? I think, pretty in pink!

DSCF7322 (1280x936)Cram, the american.

DSCF7778 (906x1280)This little piggy went to town.

DSCF7783 (1280x960)Off with his head, not Nimbus 9, he can keep his!

DSCF7786 (1280x898)Jahoer

DSCF7788 (1280x943)Monstery and Me, got a real soft spot for these.

DSCF7791 (1280x741)Quality RIP Olta piece. It’s been very heartwarming to see that many local artists have acknowledged the tragic passing of this young man.

DSCF7797 (1280x951)Super psychedelic pig by?

DSCF7799 (1280x923)Raggy Dolls by Bern, as you’ve never seen them before, love ’em!

Keye x Kode x Bern x Mats, bish bash bosh!

DSCF7824 (1280x909)Classic Mila K

DSCF7835 Stitch (1043x1280)Hunting down this fantastic work by The Mural Artists, found myself loitering around some apartments and accosting a Spanish student, he didn’t seem to mind 🙂

Catching Up


DSCF6621 (1280x935)Banging wall by Jelus x Byne

DSCF6643 (958x1280) Quirky character by Nimbus9.

DSCF6647 (1280x960)The curious case of Monkey See and the slaps he didn’t make…

DSCF6655 (1280x960)Dala, the eyes have it!

DSCF6674 (1280x960)Syke x Skint, happy bank holiday find.

DSCF6684 (1280x960)Sour, pretty in pink.

DSCF6700 (1280x910)Love this little combo.

DSCF6710 (1280x887)Tasty Bones x Cram.

DSCF6712 (1280x960)Gremlins by Mullet, thought these were ace 🙂

DSCF6714 (1280x945)Cracking wall by Siko, particularly like the light face.

DSCF6715 (1280x944)Mind bender from Marcus Method

DSCF6758 (960x1280)Ambigram Art, cool R2D2

DSCF7014 (965x1280)A new twist on Ainsley Harriotts’ cooking tips..

DSCF7023 Stitch (1280x360)Cool wall by Dyson x Deap

DSCF7028 (1280x1144)Cool colour scheme by?

DSCF7035 (1280x883)Coax ABS, really like this style.

DSCF7037 Stitch (1280x423)Lost x ? x Denta

DSCF7046 (1280x925)Mila K in triplicate, and Nems.

DSCF8315 (960x1280)Sadly a young man lost his life recently while doing what he loved. I didn’t know him, but it is a tragedy that has touched myself and many within the graff/streetart community. His devastated family are trying to raise money for a memorial bench, if you can contribute please do. RIP Olta xx

It’s Been a While…

DSCF5634 (1024x720)









Haven’t posted for a while, what with problems with swapping my site hosting and several weeks of ill health, I haven’t really been feeling it. But feeling a bit brighter now and got a lot of catching up to do, so here goes…

STOG finally got  this eye popping piece finished, worth the wait 🙂

DSCF5707 (768x1024)Like this , can’t remember the artist. Thank you KH, it’s a Sad Cig by Lenny Massive.

DSCF5721 (1024x762)Super scary Spider by Ambigram Art. DSCF5728 (755x1024)Lovely little lady by C3. DSCF5748 (1024x754)Sheffield’s had a visitor, Frankie Strand, she left a few of these slapped around the place.

DSCF5753 (767x1024)Trilobite fossil by Nurse Agnes, so appeals to my inner geek this.DSCF5765 (1024x715)Starting young, Streetart Sam, follow him on Instagram @streetartsam

DSCF5772 (743x1024)Lurking Robot by Jask.DSCF5779 Stitch (1024x569)Mila K awesomeness, nearly hidden by greenery now.DSCF5786 (1024x741)Sour, sweet as a nut!

DSCF5797 (690x1024)One of Pawkis’ ladies, horrified that this place is not open, as indeed am I. DSCF5809 (1024x750)On the anniversary of sweet Ruby, too precious for this world, a lovely tribute by Coloquix.

The Hills Have Eyes And Derelict Buildings Too!










There’s always someone looking at you, particularly if Pawski’s around!

DSCF5182Cracker from Shoe

DSCF5179Dyson, getting out and about.DSCF5117Syke  DSCF5087Booms

DSCF5076Tekonta Secta feeling a bit blue.

DSCF50744eyes DSCF5072Denta                  DSCF5069Earth x Star DSCF5055Izal DSCF5042Mila K x Deap ‘Witness the Downloading Pt2’DSCF5035Stunning Handz by Rocket01 DSCF4995Skint, still winning prizes for painting in the most awkward to photograph places 😉

DSCF5061 StitchByne x Jelus

DSCF4972Nurse Agnes, a new name to me, loving this style though.                     DSCF4956Brayk, I do like a nice skull.                         DSCF4951Coloquix luscious lady inspired by Gustav Klimt, whose lavish, sexual paintings came to symbolize the art nouveau style of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. I knew that…. no I didn’t…never heard of the chap!

DSCF4920Foundry, man’s got paint on the brain 🙂 DSCF4916Monstery and Me, rather fond of these toothy little paste ups.DSCF4887David Bowie tribute by Bubba 2000


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