Common Sense at Last


Gzos, with a little help from Jaer completed their last big production of the year which due to the cold snap felt more like a chore than a labour of love, but for the viewer at least, it was definitely worth it.  Around this time a forward thinking foreman was approached by Gzos regarding boards around the building site on Shoreham Street and local artists and writers were invited to paint the hoardings.


Following Gzos lead, Boms was quick to make a contribution.


Rocket01 was soon spotted working on another of his unusual characters.


Fauna Graphic did these beautiful gannets.


A newcomer to the Sheffield scene Bousche, certainly caught peoples attention with this exceptional character.


Trik9 painted this and I thought it was  awesome but sadly someone took offence to it and it had to be painted over.

But in spite of  that little hiccup I think it’s great that finally somebody realised that street art is a thing of beauty and worth encouraging in our city. I hope that more companies follow suit.

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