Countryside, Trackside and Phlegm

During wetter weather indoor locations soar in popularity Gzos and Boms had been to this one a couple of times.

I saw Rocketo1 while he was painting this, he looked frozen, just because it’s undercover, it’s not exactly draft free.

Cory, who doesn’t paint as often as some, had paid a visit here with Jaer.

Trackside, some areas are more exposed than others Mune and friends had painted at the more sheltered spot.

Meth and I’m not sure who else, Black? If you know please let me know.

Mr Wolf,  quiet and understated as always, but I’m loving the Boms and Riseone too.

Mr Phlegm finds the oddest things to paint, I trudged a long way down an extremely uneven and quite dangerous track to get here and once here realised there was a much less painful way.

Prey to Some Wild Beast – Phlegm. The more discerning viewer will know that this piece isn’t exactly trackside or countryside, but it’s quite near to a railway line and that will do for me.

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