Eggciting Times!

DSCF5220 (960x1280)Bubba 2000, Queen Dot, a personal favourite, recently made a reappearance.

DSCF5226 (1280x842)Liked this by Flossie,didn’t last long though.

DSCF5404 (1280x830)ABS, really liking this.

DSCF5426 (1280x934)Fem Sorcell, love this, so intricate and a brilliant placement too.

DSCF5429 (1280x960)Dala in the middle, with  bit of Mila to the left and Nems on the frames.

DSCF5444 (1280x877)First saw the work of Frankie Strand in Leicester last year, great to see she made it up to Sheffield.

DSCF5448 (1280x960)I spied a Eug but my fear of falling through rotten/burnt floors, stopped me getting any closer.

DSCF5473 (960x1280)Nice big bright one from Rateone.

DSCF5478 (1280x960)4eyes, love the Bowie reference 🙂

DSCF5482 (1280x960)Marcus Method x Eug x CoLor have been busy at one of my favourite spots.

DSCF5517 Stitch (1280x373)Dyson x Onek x Mist1 x Krek, positively blinding!

DSCF5436 Stitch (1280x549)Not a new Syke x Skint, but I only just found it.

DSCF5543 (1280x960)Rediscovered Trex due to a bit of serious hedge clearing.

DSCF5554 (1280x940)Marcus Method x Sour, sneaky little paint spot 😉

DSCF5604 (1280x885)Bob, love Bob.

DSCF5427 (1280x891)Newish arrival in Sheffield I think, Jask. I do like a robot.

DSCF5624 (1280x960)Ryak, first piece of the year, first of many I hope.

DSCF5525 (1280x960) No idea who it’s by, Humankind not humanmean, very relevant in light of recent events.

Hope you Easter was peaceful.

DSCF5694And here’s my girls getting in the spirit!

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