Even More!

DSCF7691Xhastexo, man of many talents, has done another of his cheeky little characters.

DSCF7707Mila has been busy too with the fab piece above and the wonderful character below which, is in such a place that a little conversation kept running through my head….’So can you tell me how you managed to break your leg a second time?’…’Well, it was like this…!’ DSCF7748

DSCF7825Oh and CoLor Art painted an octopus on a car, as you do. The owner of the car was very pleased with it.

DSCF7835I’d only been thinking the other week that this wall was due for a  makeover and Lone must have read my mind…

DSCF7834…As indeed had 10 – Yeah him again!

DSCF7847Rayna and Skint have both done pieces in memory of Clem Alice who died earlier this month.DSCF8333

DSCF7828And Mr Eugene is bloomin’ Boomin’!

And that’s not the half of it!!

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  1. / ReplyGraffiti Lux and Murals
    Very cute post! The last 2 pics rock!
  2. / Replykyberhai
    Boomin', Jerry! That coLorcar totally steals the show :D
    • / Replyfionaferret64
      Thanks for your comments :) Kyberhai, have you seen the other car he painted? It was amazing, like a rainforest/ jungle theme, sadly I only ever saw flicks because the day of the grand unveiling I broke my leg :(
      • / Replykyberhai
        Nope, never did. Tentacles are always good though!

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