Have Crutches Will Travel


So the pot is off and I have a sexy(not) boot and crutches, I’m mobile again, well kind of. I managed to cover terrain definitely not meant for crutches to see this Mila K piece though.


Watched a mate from Manchester put this up, which was awesome.



And discovered Jo Peel, whose work is not really represented in a single photo, the video below shows it much better.   

Amazing stuff!


I finally tracked this Phlegm piece down that had evaded me for so long, thanks to a little help from a friend.


Trik9 and Bousche did this wall  at the Archipelago Works for an exhibition organised by Knife and Folk.



Likewise, were these lovely characters by XHASTEXO.




I was very happy to find a roof top vantage point to capture one of Boms signature pieces.

Being mobile feels good, hopefully I’ll be back to normal soon.

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  1. / ReplyLittle bits of Sheffield
    Glad you are mobile without the need for crutches and look forward to what your blog brings in 2013... Now you've got your boots on here's a tune for you to sing while you are out and about best wishes, N
    • / Replyfionaferret64
      Thanks for that, it made me chuckle, better get practising my walk! Happy New Year to you!
      • / ReplyJim
        that Jo Peel thing is great....I really like the print she made of the Hendo's relish factory. cool, your mobile now. cheers Jim
        • / Replyfionaferret64
          Thanks Jim,it feels great to be mobile at last! Yes Jo Peel is a bit special and she's supposed to be doing more at Hagglers Corner if she's not done it already.
          • / Jim
            thanks for that, will look out for it.

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