So, I’ve been away for a while if anyone noticed, I’ve moved my blog to another host and haven’t got a clue what I’m doing, I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.

DSCF3485 I had a few days off work and decided to visit a few spots I hadn’t been to for a while. Looks like I wasn’t the only one. Freos, a visitor to Sheffield had been here too.

DSCF3475Love this piece by Sleep, another visitor I assume…

DSCF3474 ….as is Bulking I’m guessing. DSCF3457Dmak x Denta  DSCF3451 DSCF3430Dala, getting into flower arranging. DSCF3420BobDSCF3356 StitchOgosh x Alas, Halloween Special.

DSCF3336 Prolific is an understatement, this tag is everywhere, like it though.

DSCF3288Siko, Nosferatu, at Abbeydale Picture House.DSCF3183 StitchBern x Kode getting Tiki with it!

DSCF2753Marcus Method x STOG. DSCF2693Cheeky Eug  🙂DSCF2661 DSCF2651Witchy Coloquix DSCF2649Mila K x Osim x Deap, love the colours, shame about the breeze blocks.

DSCF2182Henry…. I bet he’s popular with the ladies.DSCF2140 StitchColor, still trippin’.DSCF2133Kisk – You know I know where you live at Boy!!

DSCF2130Cres, touching the rainbow.

DSCF2114Pfog, one of the most random pieces I’ve seen, definitely different.

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