I Can See The Sea From Here

Back in early Setember I saw an event shared on Facebook for the 2nd Grimsby Urban Arts Festival , 4elements, featuring a number of well known artists including the one and only Odeith! I didn’t know there had been a first festival and the fact that they had Odeith going, well I just had to check it out. Sadly, on the day the weather was awful, it rained none stop, but it did not seem to impact on those taking part.

On the way to Grimsby Minster spotted Mary Poppins, at least she had a brolly!

There was a number of artists work displayed in the Minster including several wonderful pieces by Pinky.

 Peter Lee Crookes did this stunning picture, he was sat drawing all day, fantastic stuff.

Lynz, local legend from what I can gather, with an original quirky character style.

Dimeone canvas in the Minster.

Bristol based Cheo had several canvases on display.

Had a little wander around the local area found this cracker by Lynz.

 Artista, the Queen of Toast!

Apy, seen this up in Sheffield before.

Great to see a bit of Ample.

Also battling on despite the rain was Bargefest a Music Festival in the town. This band called Just Mammals were brilliant!

Inca and Spymad quality work as always.

Neonita, Girls On Top Crew

The weather didn’t dampen the spirits, one of the marshalls was dancing in the rain, with her mop 😀

Nomad Clan. Very happy to see these lovely ladies in action again.

Tens x Dibz, looking good.

Gfunk?, very funky!

Candie, GOT Crew. 🙂

She, GOT Crew.

Cool wall by Bubs.

Mr Zee, I think he arrived later than me  😉

DimeOne, Welsh superstar working on another fantastic production.

Scotty Brave, a whole other level this!

Excellence from Cheo. Love it!

Odeith, it’s really him and he really is amazing.

My biggest regret was not seeing everything finished but given the conditions people were working under it was hardly surprising.

I’ll be honest, on first hearing about this festival, I was a little bit cynical. In fact,I commented ‘Grimsby and Odeith, two words I never thought I’d say in the same sentence’.

Well yes, it was Grimsby, and yes it was Odeith, and a whole host of other excellent artists as well. It was a great event, that the weather didn’t spoil ( I went on the Saturday, the weather was much better on the Sunday, typical!) I’ll be looking out for the Third Grimsby Urban Arts Festival, I’m guessing it will be awesome, again!

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