I’m just a walkin’ in the Sunshine


On a day that it wasn’t raining or snowing (finally!), thought I’d give my ankle a workout. First stop, the Black  Out Krews’ favourite spot. Love this piece by Meth.


Next stop a bit of Bob, I’d spotted. A bit of a Marmite character I think, but I like him and this quick throw up demonstrates his precise lines and his deconstructed style perfectly.


Saw this on the backstreets, don’t know who it is, yet.


Miso? I’m not sure, but I was tickled by the ‘Not Pink its Salmon’. ……… And made it over my first wall with no adverse effects!


Eugene ‘While you were sleeping’ Booms. A nice healthy hill climb to get to this.


I don’t know, I just liked it. Made me feel nostalgic for Andolf who appears to no longer be active, perhaps it’s a relative 😉


Getting to this Gzos was quite a pilgrimage, with one 12 foot, practically vertical, very muddy bank nearly defeating me but filthy and happy, I made it. All in all a very enjoyable trek. I giggled all the way home from the bus stop as my legs had forgotten how to walk they were so tired. Just to plan next weeks route now…

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