I’m Still Here, Honest!

DSCF5559 StitchWell, I’ve been trying to work on this blog for almost a fortnight, but due to my internet going all nostalgic for the days of dial up, it’s been a fairly hopeless task! Anyway in other news, saw this lovely octopus by XBN7.DSCF5543Rateones’ monster has had an interesting makeover DSCF3493. DSCF5529Cat v Dog, Mila K and Kosh, my moneys on the cat, she’s got a gun!.DSCF5492I do like Sours pieces, always a treat.DSCF5480Coloquix version of Rapunzel perhaps?DSCF5468Tekonta Secta x Corpse, this awesome collaboration is huge, this photo doesn’t really show it’s scale.DSCF5423CoLor, looks like he’s been on some interesting pills….. 😉 DSCF5406MilaK piece for Run The Jewels.DSCF5359The family Stick  🙂DSCF5192Cantastic Art, getting in touch with his dark side.DSCF5163 StitchZinc x Skint great wall with that pesky little fox getting in on the act.DSCF5136Pawski’s on form, nice view from the sun terrace!DSCF5126 Liking this from Solo.DSCF5173Ogosh, love the Bender!DSCF5193Slightly mental piece by Rambo, Toys ‘r’ Them!

If my internet gets back to this century any time soon, I’ve got loads more to post!

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  1. / ReplyO.
    Bit of an oddball selection this time! V good... but odd... looks like CoLor and Rambo have both been spiked with the same heavy sh1t and as for Rate's monster... I bet you're glad you took a before and after shot else you'd have thought you were going mad! I'd just like to say thank you Fiona, for this blog. I really enjoy it as I don't get out like I used to. :-)
  2. / Replyfionaferret64 aka SRDH
    Haha! Thank you! An odd selection,I agree, I try not to have favourites, but it's hard at times when some artists are so much more prolific than others, I think I've covered the spectrum with this one though :)

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