It’s All Going on!

DSCF5120Mars has been revisiting his childhood again, Orville, he’s his very best friend!  😉

DSCF5118 Time? I’m really bad at reading letter pieces, but I do like it.DSCF5113This is something different, I’m guessing not anyone local, love the style.

DSCF5106I worry when Booms goes quiet, but when he then reappears with an epic masterpiece like this, I’m reassured that balance is restored.

DSCF5092How many hamsters can you fit in a phone box, answers on a postcard please to D7606.

DSCF5091Had to revisit this place because my first shots of this awesome Rateone piece were rubbish, think I’ve done it justice now.

DSCF5086Sour, making good use of any space.DSCF5083Tekonta Secta and CoLor, just wonderful.DSCF5072C3 x D7606, becoming regular visitors lately, the more the merrier!DSCF5075Mr Booms and CoLor, a lesson in painting on stairs and the decay of a dead pigeon.

DSCF5047A Coloquix lady being lusted over by a Rateone monster while a jealous Greenz rabbit looks on furiously, it’s like an episode of Eastenders…DSCF5061Not just a Mars favourite, one of mine too, Pinky and the Brain.DSCF5032Jaer,  love the piece but have to say I don’t know who the little fellow is.

DSCF5039One of Kid Acnes’ stabby women, not sure if it’s been doctored but she looks like she’s holding a vibrator to me, or perhaps she’s a ladyboy?DSCF5042Not sure who did this but I have my suspicions.DSCF5043Bob, he’s a devil!DSCF5046Dyson and Rambo, throw up masters at the moment.

On a bit of a catch up spree at the moment, hopefully will get another post up in the next day or two.

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  1. / Replykyberhai
    Orville was one thing, but including Cuddles the monkey too? Mars is a genius! Already told D7606 that his pink gerbils mess with my head XD Really loving Sour's lineart in that piece. Feels like it came straight off a comicbook page :> And Booms, and coLor & Tek, and Rate, Greenz, Nymph and Jaer... just wow to the lot of it. Btw, the character in Jaer's piece is Dungeon Master from Dungeon's and Dragons ;>
  2. / ReplyO*
    yes yes, Dungeon Master indeed, took me back to Thurs afternoons I believe it was, many moons ago. Obtuse little fellow I recall.
  3. / ReplyO*
    love the RATE, looks like it should be in a squat in 1991. Thank u RATE! :-)

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