Living It Up In Leicester

I’ve had a couple of visits to Leicester and surrounding areas recently. Initially I hadn’t been keen on the idea of the trip, didn’t think there would be much to see, how wrong I was…DSCF0394Ample, great to find some of his work on his home turf. DSCF0398I would dearly love to know who did this, I think it’s a few years old, but I love it.DSCF1758 Sweet 🙂DSCF1781Fantastic, this reminds me of photos I’ve seen of graffiti in New York. DSCF1867So much good stuff. DSCF1904Mono x Kaption, surreal. DSCF1926Love this one too! I think it’s by Fidget.DSCF3788 StitchRiot68 x MonoDSCF3825 StitchReally appreciate big walls like this!DSCF3843Brilliant!DSCF3849Strange, but I like it.DSCF3864 DSCF1857 DSCF1859How could you not like this?DSCF1903Mig29 love his work.DSCF1943 Stitch‘The FlyerBrigade’DSCF1996Random….. I have been told this is by Frankie Strand. DSCF2017Foundry beautiful Goldfinch study.DSCF2028Two for joy – MonoDSCF2041CreedDSCF2045Could be Mono, could be someone else entirely… DSCF3755 StitchbRiot68 x Wrest1 x Mono DSCF2060Mono DSCF2077 DSCF2089Love this too… DSCF2101Boaster x Kid30 winning!DSCF3923Amazing spot this, apart from the angry cow, I won’t ever forget her, scared me s***less!

It’s fair to say that Leicester was pretty awesome, I have barely posted a fraction of the photos there was just so much, it was amazing. And yes, this post is a bit Mono heavy, I make no apology for that, he’s all over the place and he’s so good. Some of the spots are not really close together, but should you have access to a car and a few hours to spare, it’s well worth the trip  🙂

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  1. / ReplyKyber
    The green & purple is surely Vomet? Passed-out lizards are Frankie Strand's work. You found so much stuff I've never seen. I definitely need to get my arse back over there!
    • / Replyfionaferret64 aka SRDH
      It's definitely not Vomet, I think it's Fidget, cheers for Frankie Strand! We did a fair bit of travelling about and I would guess a lot of it doesn't change that often. Just happened to drop lucky that we visited the Hall of Fame twice and the second time it had been gone over for the first time in 12 months! :)
      • / ReplyKyber
        Ah yes, Fidget is one the Leicester lads ain't he.
  2. / ReplyResa
    Really great pieces! Thank you!
  3. / ReplyResa
    Hello! Would love to do a guest post & link your blog. Full copyright credits under your pics & in the body of the post. You pick 5 that you think are outstanding, & I'll do a guest post. Credits to artists & cities, for sure! _Resa
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  6. / Replyhitandrun1964
    Very cool.

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