DSCF7309 (1280x954)Apy (?) Looks a happy piece whoever it’s by.

DSCF7317 (1280x894)Rast paid us a visit.

DSCF7320 (1280x960)Palais? I think, pretty in pink!

DSCF7322 (1280x936)Cram, the american.

DSCF7778 (906x1280)This little piggy went to town.

DSCF7783 (1280x960)Off with his head, not Nimbus 9, he can keep his!

DSCF7786 (1280x898)Jahoer

DSCF7788 (1280x943)Monstery and Me, got a real soft spot for these.

DSCF7791 (1280x741)Quality RIP Olta piece. It’s been very heartwarming to see that many local artists have acknowledged the tragic passing of this young man.

DSCF7797 (1280x951)Super psychedelic pig by?

DSCF7799 (1280x923)Raggy Dolls by Bern, as you’ve never seen them before, love ’em!

Keye x Kode x Bern x Mats, bish bash bosh!

DSCF7824 (1280x909)Classic Mila K

DSCF7835 Stitch (1043x1280)Hunting down this fantastic work by The Mural Artists, found myself loitering around some apartments and accosting a Spanish student, he didn’t seem to mind 🙂

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