DSCF7071 (959x1280)A little bit of sticker action from George Law.

DSCF7079 (1280x895)Top Cat, the indisputable Leader of The Gang! DSCF7093 (1280x960)Didi or Sisi? DSCF7094 (1280x960)?, I know I’ve probably been told before, but who is this please?

DSCF7210 Stitch (1280x472)Nurse Agnes x Jask, just wonderful! DSCF7218 (960x1280)Haste, not a fan of muesli, I assume… DSCF7223 (932x1280)Cheeky Riseone, still one of my most favourite characters.DSCF7233 (891x1280)This little piggy!

DSCF7240 Stitch (1280x583)Azog(?) x ? , I like this, did I say that out loud…? DSCF7296 (1280x883)Part of a tribute wall commemorating the anniversary of the passing of Clem Alice ‘Long Live The Explorer’

DSCF7299 (1280x939)Eug, in your ballcourts. DSCF7305 (1280x918)Mars, love this, in my head, always say it in the voice of Resident Evils’ Tyrant.

DSCF7306 (1280x931)Not sure why I like this either, but I do. DSCF7780 (1280x960) Me, on a bad day!  😀

I know I’m miles behind with these posts at the moment, but I’m quite busy with another project at the moment, must try harder…

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