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DSCF7666Boms is unstoppable at the moment, constantly pushing the boundaries. Notice the Bine below it as well, looking good.

DSCF7441CoLor, always the innovator created this lovely character, I call him Tanked Up!

DSCF7654He also created this awesome face from 2 foot baths(?) Due to the sunlight  at the time of my visit, I had to make him a visor from poystyrene sheets. I think it worked well.

DSCF7613Nameless Nat as she will be known for the time being, produced her own take on the Disney legend Mickey, her largest piece so far.

DSCF7539I love this Scream piece too, the nameless one definitely has a style of her own.

DSCF7495Emit is moving up a gear, his character pieces are looking really good.

DSCF7533Some is a real wizard with colour, amazing.

DSCF7703Oh and did I mention Mr Angryface has been again, both of him!

Yes we’ve got it all going on at the moment.

It’s becoming a very popular pastime this graffiti hunting lark. Still not sure what I think to wandering around a derelict building and bumping into at least a dozen other people, a sign of the times I suppose.




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  1. / Replyknittedfog
    It’s always good to receive a ‘like’ but even better to be able to send one. Thanks.
  2. / Replykyberhai
    Loving that first shot, the coLor stuff - particularly the way you adapted it to the conditions - and also the twin AFs :>
    • / Replyfionaferret64
      Thank You! You would not believe how long I sat trying to figure out what twin AFs were......I can be a bit special sometimes ;)
  3. / Replyfionaferret64
    Thanks for the comments. It really is busy here at the moment, so much to see, trying hard not to miss any of it :)

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