Muddling Through…

Apologies for the huge gap between posts but following an horrendous Christmas and New Year that I wouldn’t wish on anybody, We had to say goodbye to a very lovely person, my Mother-in-Law. She faced her mortality with the words “We’ll muddle through it”. We did, and we still are and we probably will be for some time to come.

Once again my love for graff has helped me through a very dark time, don’t know what I’d have done without it..DSCF4336Managed a couple of trips out, nice to see that Kaze had been out too.                                                                                                                          DSCF4324 Tekonta Secta, feeling a bit festive perhaps.     DSCF4319Finally got to go and see this mysterious lady with her ghostly friend, that Coloquix fellow definitely has a taste for the macabre…            DSCF4297A well old Brisk x Narke piece that I only just spotted.   DSCF4295First wonderful piece by Surge for a while…..always knew he’d be back…..!!…..

DSCF4290Mase rockin’ some awesome letters.                                                                                                        DSCF4286Don’t know who, but I like it.         DSCF4280Deap, christening new boards in town.             DSCF4259Koejack, love this, great colour combos.             DSCF4252Riseone on point as always                   DSCF4250The lovely Mr Kisk and Ryak, who was long overdue a paint!                                                                                                                  DSCF4247Cracker from Rackone TCM              DSCF4243Byne TRC, going large.                                       DSCF4240Sneaky little STOG                                     DSCF4210Defx?               DSCF4200Sexy Mars and Gzos, Dyson, Eug, Xhastexo and Homes… and a cheeky Link up top.                                                                      DSCF4195Rateone, taking bombing to a whole new level.              DSCF4179Not graff I know, but it did make me chuckle.                DSCF4150Dents x Dyson, FMB the deadly type.             DSCF4142Marcus Method, just ace.               DSCF4131Tofu to the right, Krak on the left.

I’ve got loads of photos still to sort and lots of sites to catch up on, roll on lighter evenings!

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  1. / ReplyResa
    Nice post. All of the pics appear in this post, but not the older post. I've tried a few times.
    • / Replyfionamilne64
      Really? It normally (now) takes 24 - 48 hours for all the photos to load when I post. I did think once they were all up they stayed up.... I must be doing something wrong...I'll have another look at it tonight. Thanks for your help! X
  2. / Replyhairbyslice78
    Oh, I'm really sorry to hear your sad news.
    • / Replyfionamilne64
      Thank you for your kind words,it means a lot.

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