Nearly Got It Now

DSCF3829Still having a few glitches with my new setup, getting there, slowly. Just about cleared my backlog too…. Liking the look of this interesting little project going on at The Art House, brightening some of the derelict buildings nearby.

DSCF3814 StitchRiseone x Jonas

DSCF4106Coloquix got a girl in a sticky situation!

DSCF3262Not much left of this Phlegm piece now…

DSCF3264The Bears have gone wild!

DSCF3267Vanity Pig by Brayk, only just found this

DSCF3854Byne x Jelus, claiming another new spot.

DSCF3272Manchester artist Tets paid us a visit.

DSCF3269Any suggestions? Thank you to one who knows, it’s something completely different from Desmond and ABC.

DSCF3894Jim McElvaney, not seen one of his paste ups before, nice little surprise to find it.

DSCF3909 StitchGzos recently organised for a group of renowned artists, not from Sheffield, to come and paint in town, the results are great, I hope they do it more often…. I’m sure Smoke would appreciate the repeat business too…





DSCF4122In other news Rocket01 had an exhibition that was amazing and was very well received. I got a book and I love it 🙂

DSCF4127In other, other news there are dragons on the loose in Sheffield. I currently own 2, get following this page and you could be a dragon owner too.

And finally I’m going to this on Saturday are you?

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  1. / ReplyResa
    Thanks for the link! It definitely is not redirecting on its own...... Yet!
    • / Replyfionamilne64
      Grrr! Its been like this since I started with it 3 months ago!

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