New Urban Era,Tamworth, Heroes and Villains 2013

DSCF3935 Stitch (5000x1120)Don’t know where to start, Tamworth is an awesome annual event, organised by Vic of New Urban Era ,and it was once again amazing. And it’s fair to say that the Sheffield Massive was, well massive….The lush wall above by Jaer, Espre, Ryak and Booms was just part of it.

DSCF3806 DSCF4001There was also CoLor and Foundry representing.

DSCF3985 StitchPawski, Mace and adopted yorkshireman Shoe worked on another stunner.

DSCF3885And not forgetting the talented Duse, pushing his boundaries a bit with this brilliant  Joker piece.

DSCF3734 DSCF3909Skema was having a bad day that was good for everyone else as he fell out with each piece he did, 3 in all and painted over 2 of them, but they all looked great to me.

DSCF3879 DSCF3876 DSCF3853Silen T Bill, whom I believe I was talking to in the Wimpy, did this clever YMCA piece and the Hulk piece is by the charming, as always, Jay Sharples. D7606s’ post boxes made an appearance too and it was a pleasure to meet the man himself.

DSCF3688 DSCF3959Hull Graffiti, like the Dynamo of the graff world, you can see his cans and bits of card, but even if you stand and watch him work and you’ve no idea how he does it!

DSCF3963 StitchMet some lovely chaps from Bristol, Shab, Cage One and Pen, who painted alongside the wonderful Steve Edwards.

DSCF3988Cracking piece from Camz featuring Dastardly and Muttley.

DSCF3990Brave, blooming marvellous.

DSCF3922Glimmertwin produced this Clockwork Orange piece, jaw dropping.

DSCF3928DSCF3934Emptea and Saker produced a fantastic piece of work, that is certainly different to anything I’ve seen them do before and Saker definitely wins my vote for the scariest mask of the day!

DSCF4003Nice to catch up with good people, Crisp and Tim (Brink Arts), love the wall too.

DSCF3999It’s exhausting this painting lark, featuring Sky High, Eureka and others.

DSCF3981Step Tone 39, getting beyond superlatives, I’ll go with Wow!

DSCF3991Ster, fabulous, that is all.

DSCF3977Anybody who knows me knows I’m not generally stuck for words, but when it came to Gnasher, I was. So chuffed to see him in action, so annoyed with myself that I hadn’t got the bottle to talk to him…

DSCF3863I don’t know how that happened, really.

DSCF3937So yes it was a brilliant day saw a lot of lovely people I already knew, met a lot of lovely people I won’t forget and wussed out on talking to Gnasher….. Oh and did I mention that the wonderful Espre painted something especially for me, good job I’m not big headed… much!






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  1. / Replykyberhai
    Fantastic job you done there - but no love for C3 and Annatomix? Gotta feel for Skema, but you're right that it was great for everyone else. Like 3 walls in one! And shit, I didn't realise that was Foundry!! Good to know that even you don't dare approach them all XD
    • / Replyfionaferret64
      There were loads I missed out :( and it's still the biggest post I've ever done, just too much good stuff. Did you get more pics of the finished stuff, there were so many not done by the time left...
      • / Replykyberhai
        Stuck around 'til about 6:15, so still didn't see everything wrapped. But w/e, got to chat a bit more to folks :>
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  4. / Replynewurbanera
    always a pleasure to see you and thank you for the support TILL NEXT TIME TAKE CARE
  5. / Replynewurbanera
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