DSCF0028As part of Notts Property, I tagged along with CoLor Art and Mila K to Nottingham for a jam at Russells Youth Club. This was Milas piece Wishmaster.

DSCF9706This awesome piece by Mono was part of a large wall near the train station.

DSCF9980There was a really good turnout of artists for this event, with over 20 artists taking part. All the walls had a pink background, to tie all the pieces together, I thought that was a nice touch.

DSCF9976The standard was amazing too.

DSCF0008It was good that there was a real mix of styles with old school and new working side by side.

DSCF0019Kem Mef, brilliant as standard.

It was a really good day, with a great atmosphere and I met some cool people, another one to mark on the calendar for next year!


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