Put Another Coin In The Meter!

DSCF5345Apologies for the lack of service apparently I’ve used up my free allocation for my blog and have to now pay an annual fee. As I am on holiday at the moment, I’m coming up a little short, but on my return will be found most evenings on the Town Hall steps!  😉 In the meantime please enjoy yet another masterpiece from H2i, Pawski Mace and Shoe, who produce the most wonderful work which gets targeted far too often by numpties, whom I hope get knee capped very soon.

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  1. / ReplyPainting the Town
    I just saw this 'in the flesh' earlier today, amazing work and fantastic detail. Have a good holiday :)
  2. / ReplyO*
    Annual fee? Pah! Kinda reminds us of why ppl started to paint publicly & unpermitted in the first place...

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