Sanity Saver


To say I was a bit low after the op to fix my leg is something of an understatement. We had lost our holiday and I had a nice scar from the metalwork being inserted to hold my bones together, I was in plaster and I couldn’t walk for 6 weeks. So when CoLor Art, graffiti artist and all round star, volunteered to come and paint my garage wall, I was well chuffed.










The dog is based on my brother in laws’ Labrador, Jock and I think it’s fantastic. It was a real privilege to watch it come together on my garage wall and I’m grateful beyond words to CoLor Art, it really cheered me up. This was a torrid time for me and things definitely got worse before they got better but I have been really touched by the support I received from friends I have made within the graffiti/street art community. Without them and my family I definitely would have ended up a basketcase!

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