Sheffields Answer To Felm

DSCF5793Got to practice my mountaineering skills to view this wonderful creation by Foundry.DSCF5787Found this little lady by Coloquix hiding out in pigeon land too.DSCF5766And this death defying, but only just, piece by Brisk was near the summit.DSCF5753Reverse graffiti at it’s very best, I do love it when a cover up only reinforces what it’s meant to cover up!DSCF5752YMYD, very busy body at the moment, still not sure whether it’s Gun House or Bun House… but I’d choose death by bun any day 🙂DSCF5747 Rise One quality.DSCF5735Dyson, feeling the rainbow, well most of it.DSCF5703 StitchThe Funky Mind Benders, in your face! 🙂DSCF5860JD  really love this style.DSCF5697‘Your brain is a terrible thing to waste’ – Cantastic Art.DSCF5686Lollipops, interesting collab between C3 and D7606.DSCF5656Haven’t seen this little fellow about for a while, Xhastexo.DSCF5617Peachzz and Teddy BN7, cracking piece in a great location.DSCF5605Tulip by Dala, sometimes something so simple can look so effective.DSCF5826Kent has been the target of a dogging campaign recently, at least this one is untouched.DSCF5823Not a new one I think, but only just spotted this little Eug.DSCF5820Spotted this too, don’t know who it’s by though.DSCF5673As some of you will know, work has begun on the former Gatecrasher site, hopefully we won’t lose the boards just yet.

Well my internet’s still buggered, should be back to normal soon. Good job the weather’s been so lousy I haven’t been out much.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, I have it on good authority that Felm is the correct pronunciation of Phlegm… so now you know!  😉



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  1. / Replyjacob keeler
    some sick photos on this! proper like this blog, keep it up :)
  2. / Replysherlock
    Felm might be the correct pronunciation, but I'm not going to use it! Bit like Van 'goe'. Just because something's right doesn't mean it FEELS right. I like those strange loveheart circuitry symbols that have been painted over. They're spookily beaut. I have a theory of who they might be by. Let's just say... they remind me of... Hieroglyphics...
    • / Replyfionaferret64 aka SRDH
      Well we do have an Osiris and an Anubis visits occasionally, but for total off the wallness, I think it's more likely to be somebody totally different, maybe even a creation from Hungry Horace...
      • / ReplyYW
        Whoever it is I can't help feeling there's a profound message in those flowing glyphs... if only we knew how to decipher them...

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