Some Time Ago In Sheffield

DSCF8822 (1280x955)Haste with one of his critters.

DSCF8752 (1280x847)One of them there International Outlaws, Captain Caveman.

DSCF8738 (1280x869)Meth x Mila K, loving this and only found it by chance.

DSCF8357 (1280x925)Bob 😀

DSCF8351 (1280x898)Deap and deadly.

DSCF8324 (914x1280)Who doesn’t like daleks?

DSCF8328 (1149x1280)My current favourite sticker montage.

DSCF8344 (1280x933)Lost

DSCF8292 (1280x998)I didn’t know who, it’s definitely different, but in a good way.

DSCF8284 Stitch (1280x411)Alas (?) x Syke x Nobed

DSCF0239 (1280x1242)Cool piece by STOG,

DSCF0238 (1280x1094)Classic Kisk, it’s a shame that this and the piece above have since been gone over but nothing lasts forever and it was Smashproof!


DSCF0195 (1280x1032)Inka, definitely getting more stylish, good one this in my opinion 🙂

DSCF0205 (1280x960)Really like these pretty flamingos.

DSCF0226 (1280x939)Hims? I’m not sure, like it though.

As you may have noticed, these are a bit few and far between at the moment, I’ve been very busy with another project that will come to fruition in a couple of weeks. In the meantime I’ve got a serious backlog of photos to go through…

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