Sorting Through The Backlog

DSCF5823 Stitch (1024x418)There’s quite a few artists I don’t know in this post, so if anyone wants to fill me in I’d be very grateful 🙂  Sefos(?) x Nofx.

DSCF5833 (1024x750)Love this by Casp.

DSCF5839 (1024x746)I do wish Affix painted in Sheffield more often, hopefully he’ll be at the Sharrow Jam.

DSCF5843 (1024x700)Burning hot Mars!

DSCF5844 (1024x705)Like this, whoever it’s by.

DSCF5856 (1024x739)Bright and beautiful Bob.

DSCF5866 (726x1024)Devilish Hellboy by Haste.

DSCF5899 (768x1024) Lovely stickers by Faunagraphic, they didn’t stick around for long…

DSCF5902 (1024x737)Didn’t know who it was, but once I was told it was Rambo, knew I should have known…

DSCF6156 (1024x678)Fivefive with Pingu, my hero! Absolutely adore this 😀

DSCF6177 (753x1024)Another wonderful chalk piece from Jim McElvaney.

DSCF6374 (1024x598)Local gathering of The International Outlaws.

DSCF6386 (1024x703)Don’t know who this is, now know it’s Noto CBA.

DSCF5818 (1024x768)Don’t know who this is either.. been informed it’s Peace…Thank you!

DSCF5815 (1024x665)Feeling blue, Riseone.

Still got more to sort and had a good trip to Leicester that’s worthy of a mention… need to get organised as the Jam season is starting, well it’s already started, I’d better get a move on!

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