dscf1402-1024x853Ogosh and friends were among the first to paint the new boards that have recently arrived in a very popular spot….

dscf1405-1024x848Vims pulled out a cracker too..

dscf1680-1024x768Love this piece by Trik9 on a music bar.

dscf1795-1024x768Really cool colours from Suek.

dscf1821-1024x768I do enjoy the ever changing sticker windows, a bit of Dmstff, C3 and Whimsical Lush amongst others.

dscf1829-1024x888Dawe (?), can never get his name right. He used to live in Sheffield but moved away, once gave me a right grilling at the ballcourts, lovely guy though. Good to see he still comes round 🙂

dscf1837-stitch-1024x319Quality from Jonas x Riseone.

dscf1842-1024x844Inka in the green.

dscf1843-1024x768Never got a full pic of this, when I went back it had been gone over.

dscf1870-1024x768Sheffield City Slappaz, my kind of girls!

dscf1890-1024x845I don’t know when this appeared, but I know it’s gone now, dark samurai by Oszwdan.

dscf1896-1024x768Summery Syke.

dscf1897-1024x791Kobe, is he local, I don’t know?

dscf1921-842x1024Marcus Method, larger than your average slap!

dscf1924-1024x853Busting out full CoLor, think this one lasted a day…

dscf1928-1024x961As did this…

dscf1929-1024x885And this by the lovely Espre!

dscf2293-1024x768Dmak, one of the most non stop painters I know,reclaiming his spot, again 🙂

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