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September In The City

Ment, busy man at this moment in time, popping up all over the place.

Nems, going larger.

I know that I know who this is, but I can’t remember, like it anyway.

Eug, second attempt at getting a decent photo of this cracker, the sun played havoc with the first.

Odis x Ogosh, much like.

I dunno…

Gorgeousness from Foundry x Dusto.

So much for the red planet, Mars has gone blue! ūüėČ

Angryface, being spied on by a Peeping Cat..

Bollards! Cheeky chaps by CoLor

Deap, dark and true.

Hyro x Tets, good to see some out of towners pay us a visit.

Dala, look into the eye, the eye, not around the eye ūüôā

Lucious lime Sour.

 Amazing wall by Faunagraphic.

Work in progress by Jools Matthews, just  beautiful. 

Rocket01 surreal traffic stopper.

Mila Ks’ lady, looks awesome in Supersize!

Alert HA, good innit?

The last 10 photos of the pieces featured in this blog post were part of an organised event to brighten up the Sheffield Antiques Quarter, the vision was the brainchild of Hendrika Stevens with a little (a lot) help from Kisk (Smashproof), coordinating artists. I wasn’t able to go on the day, but many others did. The event was such a success, they are doing it again in September this year.

Carpe Diem – Seize The Day

Augustish I think most of these were taken, can’t wait till the lighter nights are back.Happy to see Espre on cracking form with this classic production with Spil.

Angryface, he’s still angry.

Siko with a little help from Vangal, Odis and Monki (?)

Delightful doodlings by Dala.

Me and you both mate, me and you both ¬†ūüėČ

Marcus Method x Kidstashscr fantastically colourful collaboration.

Fiesta, funky fresh.

Suek x Skint, don’t see nearly enough from these guys lately.

Always good to see, the legend that is Mistone.

Flamingo royalty.

Fivefive with one of my childhood heroes, Morph!

D7606, cherryade?

Doses’ touching tribute to his friend Jack Edwards.

Breaks my heart this..

This month (August) saw the tragic loss of one of my favourite artists Kosy, formerly known as Kosy the Crackhead. A large piece of his could be seen as you rolled into Leeds train station. His stickers were all over the place and he painted in Sheffield a number of times. I only met him once, at a Sharrow Jam, I was a proper fan girl and he was lovely. He gave me some stickers too.

Absolutely gutted at his passing, my thoughts are with his family and friends.


Never waste a moment, you never know how many you have got…

July Time

DSCF0247 Stitch (1024x516)Had a little wander and found this beauty by Eugene Booms, particularly like the sofa!

DSCF0282 (1024x760)Bright and bold from Kila.

DSCF0293 (1024x761)Bubba 2000, brilliant Jarvis Cocker piece, luckily managed to get a shot of it before it was damaged.

DSCF0299 (751x1024)Fem Sorcell, strange and surreal, just wonderful.

 Olta tribute wall, respect to all involved.

DSCF0668 (1024x768)Dyson x Casper, guessing it’s an old one, possibly antique!

DSCF0693 (768x1024)Stencil rat woman thing by Brayk, weird but cool.

DSCF0694 (1024x745)Nem, beating the buff.

DSCF1101 (698x1024)Paul, not sure whether that’s the name of the artist or the character, cute though.

DSCF1113 (815x1024)Prone, much more handsome in real life! ūüėČ

DSCF1118 (1024x900)Early halloween piece(?) by Norp.

DSCF1131 (925x1024)Peeping cat, peeping.

DSCF1162 (934x1024)Skint, spent ages trying to get back in this place, no need now,they knocked it down…

DSCF1177 (1024x846)High Five! Get it?

DSCF1375 (1024x768)Lovely sugar skull ladies by ? and a bit of Dala, looking rather worried.

DSCF1383 (1024x761)Mows510, not a local, from San Francisco actually, absolutely love this!

DSCF1395 (1024x914)Cracker from Noto.

If anyone out there is still reading this, I know it’s all gone to pot lately but hopefully going to be getting back on track now. Got a mountain of pics to go through, but hey winter is coming, it’ll give me something to do on the long dark nights…

Catching Up


DSCF6621 (1280x935)Banging wall by Jelus x Byne

DSCF6643 (958x1280) Quirky character by Nimbus9.

DSCF6647 (1280x960)The curious case of Monkey See and the slaps he didn’t make…

DSCF6655 (1280x960)Dala, the eyes have it!

DSCF6674 (1280x960)Syke x Skint, happy bank holiday find.

DSCF6684 (1280x960)Sour, pretty in pink.

DSCF6700 (1280x910)Love this little combo.

DSCF6710 (1280x887)Tasty Bones x Cram.

DSCF6712 (1280x960)Gremlins by¬†Mullet, thought these were ace ūüôā

DSCF6714 (1280x945)Cracking wall by Siko, particularly like the light face.

DSCF6715 (1280x944)Mind bender from Marcus Method

DSCF6758 (960x1280)Ambigram Art, cool R2D2

DSCF7014 (965x1280)A new twist on Ainsley Harriotts’ cooking tips..

DSCF7023 Stitch (1280x360)Cool wall by Dyson x Deap

DSCF7028 (1280x1144)Cool colour scheme by?

DSCF7035 (1280x883)Coax ABS, really like this style.

DSCF7037 Stitch (1280x423)Lost x ? x Denta

DSCF7046 (1280x925)Mila K in triplicate, and Nems.

DSCF8315 (960x1280)Sadly a young man lost his life recently while doing what he loved. I didn’t know him, but it is a tragedy that has touched myself and many within the graff/streetart community. His devastated family are trying to raise money for a memorial bench, if you can contribute please do. RIP Olta xx ¬†

Eggciting Times!

DSCF5220 (960x1280)Bubba 2000, Queen Dot, a personal favourite, recently made a reappearance.

DSCF5226 (1280x842)Liked this by¬†Flossie,didn’t last long though.

DSCF5404 (1280x830)ABS, really liking this.

DSCF5426 (1280x934)Fem Sorcell, love this, so intricate and a brilliant placement too.

DSCF5429 (1280x960)Dala in the middle, with  bit of Mila to the left and Nems on the frames.

DSCF5444 (1280x877)First saw the work of Frankie Strand in Leicester last year, great to see she made it up to Sheffield.

DSCF5448 (1280x960)I spied a Eug but my fear of falling through rotten/burnt floors, stopped me getting any closer.

DSCF5473 (960x1280)Nice big bright one from Rateone.

DSCF5478 (1280x960)4eyes, love the Bowie reference ūüôā

DSCF5482 (1280x960)Marcus Method x Eug x CoLor have been busy at one of my favourite spots.

DSCF5517 Stitch (1280x373)Dyson x Onek x Mist1 x Krek, positively blinding!

DSCF5436 Stitch (1280x549)Not a new Syke x Skint, but I only just found it.

DSCF5543 (1280x960)Rediscovered Trex due to a bit of serious hedge clearing.

DSCF5554 (1280x940)Marcus Method x Sour, sneaky little paint spot ūüėČ

DSCF5604 (1280x885)Bob, love Bob.

DSCF5427 (1280x891)Newish arrival in Sheffield I think, Jask. I do like a robot.

DSCF5624 (1280x960)Ryak, first piece of the year, first of many I hope.

DSCF5525 (1280x960)¬†No idea who it’s by,¬†Humankind not humanmean, very relevant in light of recent events.

Hope you Easter was peaceful.

DSCF5694And here’s my girls getting in the spirit!


So, I’ve been away for a while if anyone noticed, I’ve moved my blog to another host and haven’t got a clue what I’m doing, I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.

DSCF3485¬†I had a few days off work and decided to visit a few spots I hadn’t been to for a while. Looks like I wasn’t the only one. Freos, a visitor to Sheffield had been here too.

DSCF3475Love this piece by Sleep, another visitor I assume…

DSCF3474¬†….as is Bulking I’m guessing.¬†DSCF3457Dmak x Denta ¬†DSCF3451 DSCF3430Dala, getting into flower arranging.¬†DSCF3420BobDSCF3356 StitchOgosh x Alas, Halloween Special.

DSCF3336 Prolific is an understatement, this tag is everywhere, like it though.

DSCF3288Siko, Nosferatu, at Abbeydale Picture House.DSCF3183 StitchBern x Kode getting Tiki with it!

DSCF2753Marcus Method x STOG. DSCF2693Cheeky Eug¬† ūüôāDSCF2661 DSCF2651Witchy Coloquix DSCF2649Mila K x Osim x Deap, love the colours, shame about the breeze blocks.

DSCF2182Henry…. I bet he’s popular with the ladies.DSCF2140 StitchColor, still trippin’.DSCF2133Kisk – You know I know where you live at Boy!!

DSCF2130Cres, touching the rainbow.

DSCF2114Pfog, one of the most random pieces I’ve seen, definitely different.

It’s Alive (and Kicking!)

Hopefully I’ll be back up to date with my blog (don’t hold your breath) just had my internet repaired for the third time, so for the moment it’s back to being rubbish as opposed to none existent. This is some of what’s been going on in Sheffield.¬†DSCF3520Well he’s definitely back, Hungry Horace rides again….Hooray!! ¬†DSCF5109Dala pasting pretty ladies everywhere.DSCF5111Yabba Dabba Doo! Love it, can’t read it though…. although I am informed it’s Deap. (thanks to my secret mine of graff information)DSCF5116Touching tribute wall by¬†Byne for his dad.¬†DSCF5119 StitchDealt x Kosy, homage to Viz. Nice to see Kosy in the city again.DSCF5125 StitchOgosh x Alas much like. ¬†DSCF5140Pfog M4 buzzing colourscheme. ¬†DSCF5219Gums, very fond of his cheeky characters.¬†DSCF5237Quite like this, Toefoo. ¬†¬†DSCF5263Little ray of sunshine, seen a few of these now, always make me smile.¬†DSCF5267 StitchSTOG x Meth A Trik9, a rhapsody in blue, fantastic!¬†DSCF5313 StitchaDouble¬†Rocket01, does it get any better than this? ¬†ūüėÄ ¬†DSCF5343Brayk Graff, kind of cute , kind of creepy, a bit like me ūüėČDSCF5344Coloquix’s lady is beginning to write…and so is her cat, lovely.DSCF5355Osim x Jonas, a cracking combination, always good to see.DSCF5406 StitchMace, absolute banger!¬†DSCF5424 StitchJDavies (Kame) 4 pieces to melt your mind.¬†DSCF54464eyes, always consistent but seems a bit more active recently.¬†DSCF5474 StitchNo idea, but I like the colours,some one should give me a job as an art critic…….I’d be absolutely useless! Ha! ūüėÄ


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