The Small World Of Sociology

DSCF8409A few weeks ago in one of the citys’ more unpleasant areas, strange signs appeared, but what did it mean?

DSCF8410I have no idea what it means, some of the pieces seem to have some sort of social commentary ….

DSCF8433… Others not so much!

DSCF8419But I really don’t mind, I think they’re ace! I love the work of Slinkachu and they do say imitaton is the sincerest form of flattery.

DSCF8413I think this one is my favourite. I’m very curious to know whether they brought there own needles or used the ample supply that is already there.

DSCF8424Happy Birthday!, the only piece that came with a title.

DSCF8398If anybody knows the full story behind these I would really like to hear it. Sadly I think most of them have been trashed now, but hopefully there will be more … please?


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  1. / ReplyLittle bits of Sheffield
    Great post. I know a friend of the person who did these! That sounds a lot like I know someone who knows someone who knows someone! But you also know the friend! It shouldn't take you too long to get to the bottom of it all. The cones and the policeman around the needle was my favourite. The children playing around the other needle had already been destroyed when I was there. You are so quick to pick up on all that's out there that I'm beginning to wonder if Fiona Ferret is in fact a well organised crew of photographers!!! ;-) I love the work of Slinkachu. Years ago I went to the first UK exhibition of Blek Le Rat in London Leonard Street Gallery (no longer there) and Slinkachu had set up a mini exhibition in the stairwell featuring mini works by Tox or Toxic! (you will know his stuff if you have ever travelled to london by train - Tox is absolutely everywhere!!!) It also had his trademark mini people in his mini gallery. It was brilliant and most people failed to even notice it. They were far more interested in the free beer and looking cool! Have a great weekend, Best wishes, N
    • / Replyfionaferret64
      Thank you! To be fair sometimes I just get lucky. I called there on my way to work because I thought it would be a good vantage point for a rooftop shot I was after. I had seen a photo of one of the sociology pieces and actually had forgot about it, couldn't believe it when I spotted it and then when I found the others I was well chuffed. I have 2 books of Slinkachu stuff and have resigned myself to the fact that I will probably never see any in the flesh but seeing those pieces made my day, I do hope they do more. Must be due to bump into you again soon, looking forward to it :)
  2. / ReplyLittle bits of Sheffield
    Yes, I'll look forward to catching up :-) I just found this link which is the stuff by Slikachu that I mentioned - enjoy...
  3. / Replykyberhai
    It would be interesting indeed to have the on-site hypodermics repurposed as art - and I did wonder the same when I saw your photo. However, it looks far too clean, and also larger than the usual.
  4. / ReplySociology
    Great stuff!!! Btw the needle was one I found at Sydney street, used some twigs as chop sticks to pick it up. ;)
    • / Replyfionaferret64
      Thank you very much for that! :) That's really grim with the needle ... So what is/ was the idea behind the project?
  5. / Replylittle red monkey
    Love them!

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