Tool Box of the World! (Ex)

Although a much loved urbex site for its  industrial history, of late this building has become more famous for its artwork. We were a little bit slow off the mark with this place due to logistical reasons, mainly that the building was in use as an airsoft site at the weekends. But a chance encounter with the owner of that business in a place where we both shouldn’t have been, led to an invite to visit between battles. So we did.

Too Gritty For The City. Local artist Rocket01 had been able to make use of some of this vast space as a blank canvas with amazing results.

A collaboration between Riot68 and Rocket01, a real thing of beauty.

Rocket01, Septik, Ziru, Icole and the Mouarf. I think that other than Rocket the other artists are all french. They painted here and in another derelict building in the city.

Beautiful and terrifying all at once, not for the first time I find myself wondering what goes through artists minds, what an imagination, not sure I would want one like that.

Fauna Graphic had also painted here, this lovely peacock. I love the reflection but the photo is grainier than I would like as it was a late autumn afternoon and the light was poor.

I don’t  know who, but I like it.

Possibly Ziru, but it’s only a guess.

Promised ourselves a return visit when the light was better and it was a little less busy, with less risk of getting shot!

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  1. / ReplyLittle bits of Sheffield
    My money is on Rocket01 for the Uber sketch. It has some of his hallmarks. It's brilliant whoever painted it.
    • / Replyfionaferret64
      Really? I figured one of the french guys. I'll have to ask Chris next time I see him.
      • / ReplyLittle bits of Sheffield
        I have no idea really but the lines at the top and side remind me of how Rocket01 sometimes writes his captions/titles for his artwork. Your knowledge is probably greater than mine when it comes to who has done what. I think you know many more writers/artists than me and I'm guessing you have a better understanding of their styles. I have trouble reading so much graffiti! My comment was based on my immediate reaction and admittedly the rest doesn't really look like Rockets work. I look forward to finding out though. Great shot all the same...
        • / Replyfionaferret64
 It's Septik just did an image search, don't know why I didn't do that ages ago. Thanks for boosting my ego, but I've still got a lot of learning to do...
  2. / ReplyPainting the Town
    Your pictures show some amazing pieces of work and make me want to visit this site even more! I went there once but I couldn't figure out any way to access the place without breaking and entering and/or causing serious damage to myself, neither of which seemed like a very good idea.

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