While It’s Raining…

DSCF6632 StitchDusto x Foundry x See, loving this 🙂 DSCF6630TBC 142, they may buff it off but they will return.DSCF6615 StitchTrik9 x Deap, looking good.DSCF6603Spade, visited for Tramlines, left his mark. DSCF6471Bob – The Urine Infections, ’nuff said… DSCF6850Kaze, not seen him about for a while. DSCF6869Sour, not seen him for a while either 🙁 DSCF7148 StitchMace x Gzos, staggering collab, brilliant work as always. DSCF5897Rocket01, stepping up a gear at the moment, bring it on!DSCF6464Lovely Gums, not met him but I’ve got a soft spot for his cheeky characters. DSCF6827I dunno….. made me laugh though. DSCF6704Misc…..mmmm…. very similar to…? DSCF6729Eugene Booms, feeling blue, made my day though, somehow managed to not see this on Insta, so was a wonderful surprise! DSCF6734Bine x Haste, the boys are back in town, didn’t think they’d ever left 😉 DSCF6761ABC x Peachzz psycadelic stairs. DSCF6772Wizo, seeing this around more and more. DSCF6848STOG has a clever eye for colour, lush!

Keep thinking there’s not a lot happening on the Sheffield Scene at the moment, but it is, there’s just a little more legwork to catch it all, oh well, I guess I could do with the exercise!

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  1. / ReplyKyber
    Yeah, had to laugh at the TBC stuff. Can't leave shit on the side of a place so long and then expect it to magically remain clean when you finally do get around to buffing it XD Way I understand it, Sour's over Notts way now, hanging out with painters over there. That Gums work is seriously solid! Love the cable drum, the S.T.O.G. and... well, all of it really! Top shots, as ever.
  2. / ReplySherlock Homie
    Misc. Think I know what you're driving at but no. The tag is less evolved. And that other tag is, I think, enjoying much exposure in a rearranged form, I believe. If you follow me. :)
  3. / Replyhitandrun1964
    Excellent work.

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